What data does the Device Switch app transfer to my new BlackBerry 10 device?

The following types of data can be transferred using the Device Switch app:
  • Contacts info
  • Calendar info
  • Documents in the Documents folder, if you switch from a BlackBerry device
  • Pictures
  • Videos (non-DRM)
  • Music (non-DRM)
  • iTunes (Mac and PC), if you switch from an iPhone
  • SMS text messages, if you switch from a BlackBerry 10 device
  • Notes and Tasks

Note: If you switch your media card to your new device, you can transfer the data saved on the media card.

The following data can’t be transferred using the Device Switch app:
  • Email and social networking accounts (you can add your accounts to your new device)
  • Applications that you downloaded (to install apps, visit BlackBerry World or Amazon App Store, and download the apps to your new device)
  • Data, such as organizer data, that is wirelessly backed up or synced with an online email account (to transfer data associated with an online email account, add the account to your new device)
  • DRM videos
  • DRM music
  • MMS messages
  • Password Keeper data (you can download the Password Keeper app from the BlackBerry World storefront)
  • Saved settings for Bluetooth pairings
  • Phone call history
  • Browser bookmarks
  • PIN messages
  • Saved Wi-Fi settings